AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day

AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day digital download. Info: [5 M4V, 5 eBook - PDF] | 1.453 GB. The “Valentine’s Day for Singles” from AFC Adam (Adam Lyons) ...

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AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 M4V, 5 eBook - PDF]

File size: 1.453 GB

AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day


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The “Valentine’s Day for Singles” from AFC Adam (Adam Lyons) of the dating company Attraction Explained provides you with the techniques to seduce and attract members of the opposite sex — skills that are necessary to make it feel like pure fate has drawn the two of you together.

He also introduces the MFH (Make Fate Happen) Game – where the person you’re talking to is not only attracted and wants to be with you, but also feels drawn to you serendipitously… that the connection you share is so special and unique that it needs to be cherished for a very long time.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Video #1 – Make Fate Happen (MFH) Game

  •  How to begin to inject the feeling of serendipity or fate so she’ll feel like it’s her destiny to be with you and you’re the one she’s truly supposed to be with.
  • How to make the first point of contact without coming across like you’re hitting on her too hard and turn her off.
  •  How to get into her head so she can’t stop thinking about you.
  • How to attract the right kinds of women in the first place: caring, sociable, empathic, personable, receptive, affectionate, loving
  • How to establish a basic connection quickly, naturally, and easily so she wonders if she already knows you from somewhere she can’t quite remember.
  •  How to create and maintain the conversation using “sub-communication”
  • Building commonalities based on prime motivators (items of emotional importance to the other person) so the connections you build remain strong between the two of you
  •  Ways of building connections with someone
  •  How to recognize and respond to statements of interest so she feels that you care about her and what she’s interested in.
  • Communicating the right message to her subconscious so the connection she feels with you gets even deeper and continues to grow.
  • How to lead her so that she feels safe and enjoys having you in command.
  • How to keep her inner dialogue fighting on your behalf so others can’t talk her out of being seriously interested in you.
  • How to create a private fantasy world that only the two of you can enter to have a secret playground and a role playing conspiracy only the two of you understand.
  • How to use often-neglected fundamentals to deepen your connection so she immediately feels cared for and protected.
  • How to build a future together in a way that extends the feeling of fate

Video #2 – Cold Reading

  • Look like you know a lot about people so she finds you authoritative and someone worth listening to.
  • How to increase your powers of observation so you can read people better and be able to predict her interests and her emotional hot buttons a lot faster.
  • How “looking” is different than “actively observing” to help you get better at cold reading and more easily understand what’s important to her so that you can be the guy in her life who actually “gets it.”
  •  How to put lots of small observations together into a good cold read.

Video #3 – Creative Conversation

  • The key to having good conversations is to understand creative conversations.
  • How to make your conversations more fun and entertaining
  • Creative conversational techniques that enable you to come up with fun and interesting topics of conversation endlessly
  •  Use this skill to create quick, instant dates with women you have just met and build memorable connections more rapidly than you might have thought possible.

Video #4 – Be Great On a Date

  • How to have a number of different locations ready to use.
  • How you can treat her like your girlfriend right from the start
  • Why you shouldn’t try to impress her like most other guys do.
  • How to make her comfortable going back to your place with you.

Video #5 – Meet Lots of People Fast!

  • How to meet new women quickly and get them to like you right away
  • How to target venues where you know you’re going to meet people you have things in common with
  • Actual examples of some great types of places that are frequented mostly by girls.
  • Facebook is such an enormous part of our culture and lives that you must learn how to harness social networking to meet women or else you’ll be left behind.

What You Get:

Valentine’s Day for Singles videos

Bonus Items:

  • MFH game ebook
  • Cold reading ebook
  • Creative Conversation ebook
  • Be Great On A Date lesson ebook
  • Meet Lots of People FAST! ebook
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Limited Special Conference Call with Adam Lyons