Adyashanti - Surrendering Yourself

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Adyashanti - Surrendering Yourself digital download. Info: [1 CD - 1 MP3] | 67.16 MB. What does it mean to fully surrender yourself? This satsang gets to...
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Adyashanti - Surrendering Yourself

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 CD - 1 MP3]

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Adyashanti - Surrendering Yourself

What does it mean to fully surrender yourself? This satsang gets to the heart of spiritual awakening as Adyashanti reveals subtle aspects of surrendering our concepts of self and invites us into the open, rich field of stillness -- the domain beyond self. “Opening to this quiet field, we find a rich presence rather than a sterile void. This is the entry point into the divine reality uncreated by mind.”

Topics Include: Recognizing Our Concepts of Self / What We’re Surrendering To / Surrendering Is a Matter of Heart / Divine Dissatisfaction / The Key Shift to Relieve Suffering / The Fear of Non-Existence / Attaching to Freedom

Quotes from This Download: “The main process of spiritual awakening is essentially surrendering yourself.” • “Stillness isn’t a refuge to hide from experience. It’s the ground from which experience unfolds.” • “Awakening is the fundamental shift in identity. The veils fall away through attention to them. If we don’t continually attend to it, this identity will reconstitute.”