Adyashanti - Chasing Enlightenment

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Adyashanti - Chasing Enlightenment digital download. Info: [1 DVD - AVI] | 896.46 MB. The "you" who is chasing enlightenment will never become enlightene...
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Adyashanti - Chasing Enlightenment

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - AVI]

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Adyashanti - Chasing Enlightenment

The "you" who is chasing enlightenment will never become enlightened. Instead of striving towards some distant goal that you will never reach, Adyashanti invites you to stop and ask, "How am I avoiding the enlightenment that is already present in each moment? How am I seeing separation where it doesn't exist?" This engaging and classic satsang reveals the futility of striving and illuminates the simplicity of Oneness. Excellent dialogues explore spiritual inquiry, depression, and being understood.