Advanced Treatment for Total Hip & Knee Replacement: Faster Recovery and Improved Outcomes

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Your work with total joint patients can be rewarding - watching those you treat return to life and, at times, more function that they’ve experienced in yea...
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Terry Rzepkowski
Full Day
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Oct 11, 2019


Your work with total joint patients can be rewarding - watching those you treat return to life and, at times, more function that they’ve experienced in years.

But the pressure to get your patients there - and faster - can be maddening. Shorter rehab visits. Advanced surgical techniques. Medication management. Surgical complications.

Take the pressure off by learning the latest evidence-based strategies in total joint replacement. Complete this recording feeling confident to treat this growing population within a limited time so that you can get them back to the activities they once loved.

Sharpen your skills by understanding the surgical procedure of hip and knee replacement and how surgical advancements can affect your plan of care.

Face those difficult challenges like opioid management, wound care, infection prevention, and patient education head on with what you learn in this important seminar.

Finally, gain hands-on experience you can use tomorrow to return patient’s function faster and reduce the possibilities of any setbacks.

Purchase today and watch your practice with this growing population thrive for years to come.



The Full Picture of the Total Joint Patient: Why Looking in Isolation Can be Disastrous
  • How you can miss predisposing factors for DJD with a nonfunctional approach
  • Examine the whole LE kinetic chain with functional test observations
Today’s Total Joint Procedure: What We Can Learn by Watching Surgical Videos
  • The new reality - reducing the amount of rehab care post-op
  • Post-op approaches should vary based upon procedure and component used in surgery
  • 6 surgical advancements that could affect your plan of care
    • Using muscle sparring approaches
    • Computerized mapping
    • Robotics
    • Peri-operative blood loss
    • Pain control measures
    • 3D custom designed implants
Acute Post-op Recovery Interventions: How to Maintain a Robust Post-op Rehab Plan for Same-day Discharges
  • New CMS guidelines for total joint patients: seeing patients right after surgery
  • Confidently managing
    • Pain management, opioid tolerance, and opioid induced constipation (OIC)
    • Active and passive TED strategies
    • Wound care/infection prevention: early identification of wound versus joint infection
    • Blood thinners: various types, early warning signs of high anticoagulant levels, and identifying DVT versus cellulitis or poor edema control compliance
    • Patient education on positioning, safe transfers and mobility
Use Functional Dynamics for Optimal Returns: Hands-on Lab
  • REMEMBER: Exercising joints in isolation will NOT progress your patients faster, further
  • Progress the LE as a functional unit
    • Video demonstration of techniques
  • Incorporate closed chain kinematics that lead to successful outcomes in reduced time
  • Returning normal gait mechanics using proprioceptive, balance, and coordination activities


Advanced Treatment for Total Hip & Knee Replacement: Faster Recovery and Improved Outcomes

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Dr. Terry L Rzepkowski, DPT, MS, BS, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialization in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Throughout his 37-year career, he has specialized in Orthopedics, specifically: Musculoskeletal out-patient rehab as an independent private practitioner, Total Joint Replacement Surgery, and Sports Medicine. A professor in the Health Science department for Nova Southeastern University Terry provides instruction in Anatomy, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, and Neuro anatomy; Terry has extensive knowledge in relating the complexities of the Orthopedic joint replacement patient. Terry’s current clinical role as home care therapist working exclusively with orthopedic surgical patients in Tampa FL, provides a platform for staying abreast of the latest techniques and protocols utilized in joint care rehab. As a sought-after presenter, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with interdisciplinary audiences around the country. Terry has spoken professionally on shoulder, knee, and hip injuries with advances in orthopedic management.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Terry Rzepkowski is an Assistant Professor for Nova Southeastern University Tampa; and an Assistant Professor for South University Tampa. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Terry Rzepkowski is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).