Adriaan Brits - SEO: Apps

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Adriaan Brits - SEO: Apps digital download. Info: [19 WEBRips (MP4)]. Your app’s search ranking will continue to change as the SEO landscape evolves. Th...
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Adriaan Brits - SEO: Apps

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SEO: Apps

By: Adriaan Brits

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1h 3m

Released: Jun 12, 2017


Your app’s search ranking will continue to change as the SEO landscape evolves. This course provides the latest best practices you can follow to keep your apps discoverable. First, learn how SEO and ASO impact the ability for users to locate your app. Next, explore leading analytics tools you can use to derive insights about your app’s performance. Then, find out how to put these insights to work as you update your app, create a content sitemap, and enable app indexing. Additionally, consider additional optimizations strategies you can use to improve the discoverability of your app, such as evaluating star ratings and enhancing app marketing.

Topics include:

  • SEO vs. ASO
  • Google and Bing mobile results for apps
  • Google Now on tap
  • Google micro-moments
  • Google App Packs
  • App ranking factors
  • Search-centric apps
  • Mobile affiliate networks
  • Enabling app indexing: Android and iOS
  • Creating an app content sitemap
  • Boosting app download volume and velocity
  • Considering star ratings and user feedback
  • Social media links and app marketing


  • Introduction
  • 1. SEO for Apps: The Evolving Landscape
  • 2. SEO Tactics for Apps: Solutions
  • Conclusion


Adriaan Brits is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in optimizing campaigns and conversion rates.

Through his agency,, he specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management and conversion rate optimization with Bing Ads, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Adriaan consults on analytics, programmatic media buying, database marketing, and digital copywriting. He enjoys leveraging competitor data to help companies revamp their content, marketing, and digital strategy, and to analyze the results. Adriaan holds an MSc in marketing from Oxford Brookes University and is constantly updating his skills to help businesses tap into the latest digital marketing solutions.