Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021 digital download.

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Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Type: Digital download

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Master 5 Powerful Strategies to Increase Your Forex Income (These Work in Various Market Conditions)

Have you been trading Forex for some time, but getting average profits?

Does your current strategy only bring you a boring number of trade setups every month?

Fret not… your slow trading days will soon be over.

As you read on, we’ll share with you 3 powerful Forex strategies that will keep you excited netting in pips.

(P.S. If you are new to Forex trading, we recommend you check out our Forex Trading Course Level 1.)

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Introducing… Forex Trading Course Level 2: Pip Netter™

Course Overview

Question: What separates highly profitable Forex traders from average traders? Their inventory of highly-profitable Forex trading strategies. While average Forex traders rely on the same old tactic and wait for the “perfect” setup to fall from the sky, pro traders always have another trick up their sleeves and can find a golden setup even on the driest of days.

Forex Trading Course Level 2 is designed for Forex traders who are serious about taking their profits to the next high.

We make this happen by helping you master 3 tested Forex strategies that work in vastly different market conditions.

  • Slow trading day? We’ll show you how to squeeze pips out of the dreaded sideways pattern.
  • Hypey news day? You’ll learn how to cut through the noise and secure sizeable Rs within minutes.

With Forex Trading Course Level 2, you’ll never stay idle while others profit. Get ready to stack up Rs like never before!

Loaded with Adam Khoo’s closely-guarded and powerful Forex trading techniques, Forex Trading Course Level 2 is the edge you must have to achieve a satisfying Forex income.

You’ll Learn to Boost Your Forex Trading Profits with These Powerful Strategies

Trending Trading:
The EMA Bounce

Learn to exploit trends and identify high probability trades based on price action and strong price patterns.

Consolidation Trading:
Trading the Range

Learn to take profit from sideways price patterns within a bigger trend using a set of strict conditions.

Leveraging on News:
News Scalping

Learn to shave at least 3R profits from the market in under 5 minutes by making precise trades based on news-driven price shifts.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Advanced Forex Course: Mastering Forex Trading
  • Mastering Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Understanding the Impact of News
  • Using Fibonacci Retracements to Identify Trades
Lesson 2: Advanced Forex Strategy 1: The EMA Bounce System
  • Leveraging on Strong Trends to identify high probability trades
  • Uptrend and Downtrend Wave Patterns and Low-Risk Filters
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Bounce Strategy Long and Short Setups
Lesson 3: Advanced Forex Strategy 2: News Scalp Strategy
  • Take Advantage of Major Marketing Moving News
  • Quick Fire Strategy using M1 Candles
Lesson 4: Advanced Forex Strategy 3: Trade The Range
  • Identify and trade a consolidation pattern in any FX pair
  • Low-Risk Filters to ensure high probability trades.
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Trade The Range Strategy Long and Short Setups
Lesson 5: Advanced Forex Strategy 4: Trend Continuation Entry
  • The V2 of the original Bounce Strategy
  • A Powerful Trending Strategy
Lesson 6: Advanced Forex Strategy 5: Momentum Breakout
  • Identify breakout on M15 and H1 candles
  • Using Currency Strength Meter to identify the strongest currency and the weakest currency

Trade Live with Fellow Traders and Take Profit (TP) Together!

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Many people ask, “Why do so many Piranha Profits students become successful in trading for reliable profits? What is your secret?”

You see… while Adam Khoo teaches one of the most effective Forex trading strategies in the market, the real secret is the nurturing and supportive community we have. Trading is a lonely profession and can be frustrating and tough at times. When you have a community of fellow traders who guide you and encourage you, you have the highest chance of success!

When you become a student of the Pip Netter™ course, you gain access to our exclusive Forex trading chat group where over 600 like-minded Forex traders call out and discuss setups every day.

In our close-knit community, we all trade the same strategies and help one another get better, no matter if you’re experienced or a newbie. Come join us today and let’s TP together! Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Happy Students, Proven Results

Numbers make the best testimony! See the real trade records achieved
by our students after attending the Piranha Profits Forex trading course!

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

My first whole month since I took Adam’s Forex course. My account’s performance is up by 10.53%. I look forward to keep on trading.

Øystein, Norway
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

“40% Return after 6 Months of Trading!”

I’m a Sales Associate working in a Fortune 500 company. I had zero knowledge and started exploring investing and trading in 2017. I signed up for a course by someone else and lost a lot of money especially when the ES dropped more than 100 points in Feb 2018. After that, I saw your YouTube videos and found them valuable. I decided to sign up for your course and give it one last shot rather than giving up.

The courses taught by you are a complete system and your support on verifying those setups gives us confidence. If one follows through all the rules, it is very possible to become a profitable trader. After attending your course, I had a return of 40% after 6 months of trading. Here’s a screenshot of 3 trades I took on the Impulse, BFS and TCE (took profit for all of them!). Many thanks for all the great teaching and guidance throughout my trading and investing journey.

Brandon Low
Sales Associate| February 2019

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Consistently Profitable with 60% Win Rate… Zero Regrets!

I’ve just started trading with Adam’s strategies since beginning of October, and I’ve found it extremely amazing!

Adam’s trading system/rules are so straightforward and easy to follow! Especially the TCE that I’ve been focusing on lately.

I only take high probability trades like he taught, and I’ve been consistently profitable for 3 months since the beginning and have a 60% win rate so far.

I’m very happy with the result and have zero regrets purchasing the course!

Jeff Koo
Malaysia | December 2018
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021 Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

70% Win Rate with Return of 14.2R

This month, I started a new account and decided to start afresh. I disciplined myself to take only high probability trades; to wait for such trades to come to me instead of forcing myself to trade every day. I only focused on Adam’s TCE strategy and took 13 trades. The win rate was 70% with return of 14.2R.

I also learned to control my emotions:

  • Don’t get excited when someone in the chat group alerts a possible trade. When others take a trade, it does not mean I must follow. Even if they end up with a winning trade, I will not regret as I did my own analysis and decided to skip the “not high probability” trade.
  • If I missed a good trade, I just tell myself there will be another good trade coming to me and I move on.
  • I turn off the chat group notification if I’ve decided not to take any more trades for the day.
CK Ong

Rave Reviews from Total Newbies

If you’re new to trading, it’s important to find a mentor you can understand and trust. Check out how these beginner traders went from “no idea what I was doing” to confident profit takers after enrolling in our course!

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

“Have gone from having absolutely no knowledge of Forex trading to now applying the strategies within a month. ”

“Thank you Adam for sharing this skill, and genuinely wanting to see your students succeed.

The educational experience is awesome. I like how Adam caters for all learning styles when explaining key concepts, written, verbal, visual, live demonstrations, skill experience and humour. I’ve only been a student for a month but using simulated demo account to apply the strategies and keeping a record of emotions to help build understanding of myself as a trader. Very helpful resources and content. Thanks Adam!”

Unai Edwards

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

Made +4R in My First Month of Forex Trading

At the beginning, I was not sure how to start in the trading world. Then I saw Adam’s videos on YouTube and I was damn sure I would buy the Piranha Profits course. It’s not just the strategies but Adam’s teaching style that attracted my attention.

I completed my first month of Forex trading and had a total of 20 trades with 47% win rate, ending with +4R. I must admit the win rate could have been better if I had strictly followed the trading psychology (overcome revenge feeling, impatience, greed). With the right trading psychology I could have achieved 55-60% win rate.

I am really looking forward to doing more trades with the strategies and trading psychology I learnt and improving my win rate.

Muhammad Imran

Germany | December 2018

Amazing Profits from “Turnaround” Traders!

Are you struggling to make consistent profits? Hear what these students have to say about our course after watching their account go green for the first time!

Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

From Losing $25,000 to 77% Win Rate… This Is Possible!

Before I took Adam’s course, I was getting a 46% win rate. I started trading with a $25,000 account and I had no idea what I was doing. I lost it all!!!

This is me this week with a 77% win rate on long trades. I wish I was able to trade like this before I lost so much capital. This is possible!

What Adam taught us in one of his lessons has stuck with me: “The market is not out to get you.” Don’t look for the miracle indicator.

We have been given every tool to be successful in this market by Adam. Now it’s our job to work hard to be disciplined and apply his wisdom. Happy trading!

Omar Garcia

United States | 2018
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

+11R in One Month… At Last I’m Seeing Consistent Success!

Since I enrolled for the Pip Netter™ Forex trading course, I started trading using Adam’s powerful TCE strategy on the M15, H1 charts. I’ve done a total of 44 trades with 21 losses and 23 wins, ending with +11R.

Prior to that, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to trade Forex using all kinds of other strategies that I picked up from the internet. For almost half a year, I’d been making nett losses. After I took Adam’s course, I am at last seeing consistent success in my trading. All thanks to Adam for his mentorship and also the community of students analysing potential trades 24/7 in the live chat group.

I’m working to improve my analysis and selection of trade setups to ensure that I only pick the setups that pass the strict entry rules Adam taught us. I will work even harder to manage my trading discipline so that I do not overtrade.

Dr. Chan Kok Yu

Orthopedic Surgeon | December 2018
Adam Khoo - Forex Trading Course Level 2 Pip Netter 2021

My Trading (Skills) Has Grown 100-Fold… My Result for the Month is +7R!

Adam’s the man! I’ve tried loads of strategies and his is by far the most reliable if you stick to the rules.

My result for the month is +7R so I’m dead chuffed (very pleased). Had a lot worse than that I can assure you. On the whole I feel my trading has grown 100-fold since I joined this course and chat group. My confidence is through the roof.

As a team we’re spotting, analysing and supporting each other. I’ve learnt a great deal on trading psychology this month. I’ve learnt not to pull the trigger until I’ve had a good look at the screen and at my fellow traders’ feedback.

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