Abraham Hicks - Under a Bridge

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Abraham Hicks - Under a Bridge digital download. Info: [2DVDRip,MP4] | 1.078 GB. If you would look into what you are living now, that you adore, and thin...
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Abraham Hicks - Under a Bridge

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Abraham Hicks - Under a Bridge

Some workshops really stand out.
All Abraham workshops are rewarding experiences ...but some... just ... 'pop'!
One such seminar was Boca Raton FL, on March 7, 2013
"If you would look into what you are living now, that you adore, and think of it often, it will expand. If you look at a possession that is meaningful to you, and hold it in your vibration often, not only will it stay, but other possessions like it must come."

Topics include:
  • He wants to work for Abraham-Hicks Publications Abraham helps steer and focus that basic desire.
  • You want more connection to Source while you're being creative? Abraham explains how to allow more Non-Physical flow.
  • Psychologists! Listen-up! Abraham delivers a ground-breaking treatise on dealing with the 'unreachable'.
  • A religiously-raised man gets a Rampage on Happiness.
  • Continuing relationships with those who have transitioned a deeper examination of 'the Art of Allowing'.
  • Using the Fairies of the Universe to get things done.
  • "Do you believe that every belief you have, serves you?" a rampage on 'beliefs' and the Law of Attraction.
  • Can't get your child's attention once they've got a smart phone? an Abraham insight.
  • Loves his relationship, but having kids is a "deal breaker" a deep examination of what it means to be in a relationship.
  • The Meaning of Life.
  • His HIV positive friend wants to stop pills.
  • The teachings work, so why does he forget them?