Abraham Hicks - Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2009

Abraham Hicks - Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2009 digital download. Info: [11CDs - MP3] | 573.38 MB. Problems are different vibrations than the solutions. Le...

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Abraham Hicks - Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2009

Type: Digital download

Format: [11CDs - MP3]

File size: 573.38 MB

Salepage: https://www.abraham-hickslawofattraction.com/mexico-well-being-cruise-2-7-09.html

Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/QaNwg

Abraham Hicks - Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2009

Cruise CD1 - Problems are different vibrations than the solutions. Let's talk about the Vortex of Creation. Your unwanted helps you know your wanted. Step Three, as reaching for your alignment? Crisis interventionist is having issues at work. He was told "You can heal cancer."
Cruise CD2 - President Obama wants to empower each individual. His step-son wants to be (football) taller. Musicians want to feature their original compositions. She wants to feel love for herself. Can chemicals change our perspectives on life?
Cruise CD3 - To inspire noncommunicative daughter into her Vortex. Is therapist, in the Vortex, "denying reality"?
Cruise CD4 - To resolve problems formed with his parents? How can he create some affirmations momentum? Does Nonphysical ever add to negative momentum? Thoughts of childhood trauma deaden her focus. To coax psychotic thoughts back to center? Are friends' deaths relative to her experience? Do animals hold on to past traumas? Abraham closes the Sunday Mexican Cruise workshop.
Cruise CD5 - She's challenged by her challenged son's environment. She wants to understand the koncept of karma. Her "diminished capacity" son is happy anyway. Your true control is in your alignment. Militarily taking others lives still haunts him.
Cruise CD6 - When feeling high, he experiences "Divine Timing." Ideas of positive evolution will eventually manifest. Why doesn't Abraham ever laugh or sing? Some Abraham words to help one sleep? Abraham gives answers to now questions. He wants the secure feeling of Abraham. To "leave bread crumbs" for next life? Entrepreneur wants to soothe the business community.
Cruise CD7 - How does Abraham answer our singular questions? Is there a hierarchy of trees to leaves? Beliefs, and our levels of unwanted contrast? Our Vibrational Frequencies relative to our Vortices? When uncertain about taking the next step? Dreams, as just manifestations of our thoughts? Death, as Superconciousness, not as losing Consciousness? Why does the Universe seem so large? Overwhelment, defined as one's attention to shortage.
Cruise CD8 - It's not about action, it's about alignment. Wife's asking "When will we make it?" What if the frog in the pond croaked? Will Abraham's teachings become commonly practiced? Teacher desires to help a struggling student. She attended Barack Obama's harmonious Presidential Inauguration. First, make peace with where you are. Abraham closes the Monday Mexican Cruise Workshop.
Cruise CD9 - What if he doesn't feel emotional indicators? How does feeling contented relate to joyousness? Is "contentment" in the vortex, or out? Why would one meditate during a Workshop? Musician found the woman of his dreams. What's he doing that's working so well? Mental health advice for obsessive disorder patients?
Cruise CD10 - How will he decide next life intents? Physician treats teenagers who are threatening suicide. What would Buddha advise these suicidal teens? How could doctor advise suicidal teenager's parents? Why are so many octogenarians committing suicide? Did mentally challenged son choose his mother? What will her "perfect alignment" feel like? Can Abraham help resolve Parkinson's disease concerns? (Cont'd)
Cruise CD11 - (Cont'd) Can Abraham help resolve Parkinson's disease concerns? What to do to "find her passion"? The Vortex, as same as Vibrational Reality? Do we attract negatives for positive expansion? Does Abraham find us, or we them? How many Beings comprise the Abraham Entity? She resents negative focus on female bodies. Get out your Focus Wheel every day. Abraham closes the Mexican Rivera Cruise Workshop.