Abraham Hicks - Mexican Well-Being Cruise 4/7/07

Abraham Hicks - Mexican Well-Being Cruise 4/7/07 digital download. Info: [10 CDs - MP3] | 496.74 MB. Jerry & Esther say “Welcome Aboard”. Abraham sets to...

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Abraham Hicks - Mexican Well-Being Cruise 4/7/07

Type: Digital download

Format: [10 CDs - MP3]

File size: 496.74 MB

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Abraham Hicks - Mexican Well-Being Cruise 4/7/07

Cruise CD1 — Jerry & Esther say “Welcome Aboard”. Abraham sets tone for cruise as we disembark. Abraham begins seminar: Would you want an environment without contrast?A review of three basic creative steps. Is micromanaging holding their thriving business back? To collaborate with varied structures of authority?
Cruise CD2 — How could realtor’s goals graphs be counter-productive? 6:28 But when religious biases affect one’s career? Value can be found in every religion. He is appreciative of these evolving teachings. Remember every subject is really two subjects. Our new contrast details evoke new preferences. Tools to make stockbroker’s client’s ride smoother?
Cruise CD3 — How to attract the Me of me? What happens to our unmanifested Vibrational Escrows? There’s no “price to pay” for manifestations. Why such pain from his dissolved marriage? What’s our relationship to our expanded selves? We can’t go back from “comfort zones.” Wants tips for interacting with his sons. When a former commitment now feels uncomfortable? Why does her good come so easily? Can Enlightenment desire fit Law of Attraction? He wants to (humanly) experience unconditional love. How can we “imagine” things yet unseen? Abraham, as a group like-minded Entities?
Cruise CD4 — Sometimes she doesn’t feel so very nice. “Is it not her task to bask? What is the secret behind “The Secret”? She wants to pay off her mortgage. Is she too independent for a mate? To all, re: alignment/bliss! She wants to help her children align. What would Abraham say to the children?
Cruise CD5 — Loved The Secret behind “The Secret” DVD. What would a Buddha Consciousness look like? She has a questions about baby planets. What about the “Light Body Transformation”? How can she raise her own vibrations? Seeing the world through eyes of Source. Sara book brings him tears of bliss.Does not contrast lead to improvement? Words of wisdom for raising their child? Wild birds bring artist symbols of connection.
Cruise CD6 — Must be satisfied with what we have. Is it really about having more faith? He’s paid to manage and realign companies. He has questions about death and dying. She’s seen 10% of blissful babies birthed. Abraham reminds us of what we’ve known.
Cruise CD7 — Can we align ourselves during our sleep? Should they allow child his dietary desires? Her question is about having nightmarish dreams. When napping to overcome her extreme tiredness? She’s an actor who creates another life. Can she please another while pleasing self? Why therapy work is easier with strangers? Why is making decisions difficult for him?
Cruise CD8 — Should singer/song writer reveal her true age? Did the lawyer lose her musical deal? He doesn’t like side effects of medication. Are they “learning disabilities” or “intellectual interests”? How severely should she control her teenagers?
Cruise CD9 — How can World best assist African world? Irish group has a water purification invention. Is she trying too hard to serve? She is curious about the Mayan calendar. Why would she fear her psychic power? Wanting, is born from our life experience. Wanted art job, but got desk job. Have we prebirth wants that dominate?
Cruise CD10 — Her lover has a wife and a girlfriend. Make a decision, and align with it. We have many options for many opportunities. Before doing it, line up with it. Do you wear glasses in your dreams? She spun an ominous energy into herself. We are Abraham, and we are....