Aaron Michael - Optimal Sex Life: An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex Book

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Aaron Michael - Optimal Sex Life: An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex Book

Aaron Michael - Optimal Sex Life: An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex Book

Optimal Sex Life is the product of over 2000 hours of coaching sessions given away to professionals who have clients that not only want to overcome sexual pain and trauma but wish to reconnect to the erotic in their lives…to trust in , heal and be empowered by their pleasure potential. This knowledge will not be found in any textbook.

Aaron Michael was urged by these professionals who received sessions to create this book, by the many clients for whom they did not formerly have answers, and by the lack of accurate information in the public domain.

Not only are you guided through the step-by-step of how to experience for yourself the results of such a coaching session, but you are taken on a journey of twists, turns, unlikely events and encounters with exceptional people that came together in his life and work, which have resulted in an approach and method that is truly unique, and you’ll only find here.

This will change the way you have sex, from how you move to the dynamic of your relationship.

An Optimal Sex Life is just one touch away!

“I strongly recommend this book. Aaron shares his unique style of de-armoring that you will not find anywhere else. This book will show you the secrets for to how to open a body, the way Aaron would open mine. Even a practice session with Aaron would leave me in a state of no-mind afterwards: to just be, glow, and buzz with energy from my sex area into my every cell. I felt more feminine, soft, and sensual . . . the sexual me fully alive. It has been a pleasure to be a steady guide and encouragement in his growth as a professional in this field, where trusted, quality, male workers are scarce. I look forward for more in years to come.” —Susanne Roursgaard, Founder of the Gaia Method

“Aaron’s work is outstanding. I have been working and teaching in the field of sacred sexuality and conscious relating for many years. I have received countless sessions and worked with many different people. My nose for quality is top notch, and this is what Aaron is: Top notch. If you EVER get the chance to work with him, GO FOR IT. He’s highly skilled, respective, conscious, and his hands are absolutely beyond magic. This book will show you how to do the same.” —Sanna Sanita, Swedens Leading Sacred Sexuality & Consciousness Teacher

“I get many phone calls but there was something about the authenticity and honesty in Aaron’s voice that interested my inner scientist, journalist, and therapist; moreover it whispered to the woman Signe. He had no ambitions, which gave me the unique experience to let go of control and judgement and allowed me to surrender. The experience was intense, very intense . . . a voyage into myself, to encounter any sensations that might arrive. He was like a Sherpa guide. With my own voice and breath, the pain transformed into pleasure. His touch gave me a compass that has set me off on a path to more tangible teaching and giving others this experience. I’m still passing it on, and this book can do the same for you.” —Signe Bentzen, Author, Tantric Sexologist, Couples Counselor

“Aaron is the kind of person you notice right away. He radiates passion, depth, joy, compassion, and love, and so does his work. What differentiates Aaron’s techniques from all other that I’ve tried, is his ability to make you feel so comfortable, safe and loved; while releasing old traumas, shame and tensions. He makes healing pleasurable, simple and fun! I have tried a lot in this field of work, but I can truly say that I have met no other as warm hearted, skilled, and professional as Aaron. His approach and techniques can forever change your body and your life. I love this book. Aaron takes so much knowledge and makes it come together in way that seems easy and understandable for even newcomers to grasp.” —Gry Dagmar Schødt Møberg, Tantirc Bodyworker, Shamanistic Therapist, and Leadership Mentor