Aaron Fletcher - 06 - Facebook Ads Quickstart

Aaron Fletcher - 06 - Facebook Ads Quickstart digital download.

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Aaron Fletcher - 06 - Facebook Ads Quickstart

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Aaron Fletcher - 06 - Facebook Ads Quickstart

Aaron Fletcher - 06 - Facebook Ads Quickstart


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Facebook is a really powerful platform to launch scale and grow a business or service online.

You’re also aware that it can be very complicated, technical and dangerous in terms of their advertising guidelines, with people getting their accounts, and themselves banned from Facebook all the time.

On top of that, a lot of the Guru’s are telling you these strategies that involve day trading like hyperactive management of ad campaigns where you’re turning things up and down and often spending $5 here and there, or you’re testing for weeks and months.

None of that works compared to the strategy that we’ve discovered, that we’ve been using for several years, with several seven figure ad campaigns, many of which with one or two ads that we don’t have to touch for weeks, months, and in some cases over a year.

How do we do that?

Because we understand the basics of Facebook’s machine learning algorithm…

Which is a nerdy way of saying Facebook is far more sophisticated and effective than any human being when it comes to finding the right audience if you set up your ad campaigns correctly.

We have outlined this whole process into our Facebook Ads Quick Start course and templates.

You’re going to go through exactly what to do before you even advertise…

How to frame your messaging…

How to set up your ads…

Where to place your ads…

What to say in your ads…

What images to use, etc.

We are going to give you the perfect ad template along with it.

This has helped almost 6000 people launch their first successful campaign without all the tech overwhelm or wasting time and money worrying about whether or not Facebook is going to work for you.

If that’s you and you want to launch your first successful campaign as quickly as possible, we’ll see you in the course.


At the core of The Fletcher Method lies an ever-growing repository of done-for-you templates and one page “cheat sheets” that cut out 95% of the time and frustration related to virtually every aspect of online marketing.

Facebook Ads Quickstart
PreviewIntroduction (8:17)
StartDownload Your Checklist/Workbook/Frameworks Here!
StartFoundation Steps (6:05)
StartUsing Audience Insights (19:08)
StartCreating a Swipe File (9:04)
StartAdvanced Market Recon (9:12)
StartFinding Your Funnel (3:52)
StartLanding Page Strategy (14:02)
StartInstalling Your Tracking Pixel (14:44)
StartAdding Goal Tracking to Pixels (6:57)
StartCreating Website Custom Audiences (15:06)
StartCustom Conversions (10:38)
StartCreating Lookalike Audiences (5:07)
StartMetrics Matrix (18:05)
StartCampaigns Introduction (4:21)
StartYour First Ad Set (23:17)
StartAd sets - Excluding Audiences (4:45)
StartThe Perfect Ad (14:28)
StartImage Ads Builder Shortcut (3:26)
StartAds Manager Dashboard (9:25)
StartScaling 101 (23:34)
StartSocial Proof Strategy (10:24)
StartBeware the Revenue Time Machine (4:27)
StartHow The Facebook Algorithm Works Andrew Tweito (35:12)

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