Aaron Fisher - One Hand Popover

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Aaron Fisher - One Hand Popover digital download. Info: [rmvb] | 186.89 MB. It’s not there… and it appears. Just like magic. The One Hand Popover revelat...
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Aaron Fisher - One Hand Popover

Type: Digital download

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Aaron Fisher - One Hand Popover

It’s not there… and it appears. Just like magic. The One Hand Popover revelation is the basis for a large number of visually stunning card illusions. Ace productions, transpositions, card stabs… even simple ‘pick-a-card’ tricks will benefit from this flashy ending. You can choose to use this sleight in a routine you’re already performing, or adopt one of Aaron’s. He’ll teach you everything you need to know to learn this sleight as quickly as possible. No matter what routine you choose to apply it to, it will become more remarkable because it’s truly beautiful magic, performed with just one hand.
One Hand Popover:

  1. One Hand Popover is a visually stunning card revelation that makes eyes pop. It will strengthen every routine you apply it to and you’ll stand out to every audience that sees you perform.
  2. Includes all the great advancements Aaron has made with this sleight in the 10 years since his book was published; new, different and more powerful applications.
  3. Certified Triple A Material. Any deck, Any time, Anywhere. Audience Tested.

The Deets:

  1. First taught in Aaron’s The Paper Engine, the One Hand Popover is now available in a 60 minute instant download - directed by world-class magician (and friends!) Wayne Houchin and Dana Hocking.
  2. Aaron will guide you through every step of the learning process — from exact finger placement to critical timing issues — ensuring that you’ll not only learn the move, you’ll master it, faster than you think is possible.
  3. The sleight is based on the Popover by a magician named J.K. Hartman.