A1 Revenue - The A1 Media Buying Academy + A1 Revenue Accelerator x Fx Accelerator by Mr.Opulent & Tobias

A1 Revenue – The A1 Media Buying Academy + A1 Revenue Accelerator x Fx Accelerator by Mr.Opulent & Tobias is AVAILABLE instant download at SunLurn

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A1 Revenue - The A1 Media Buying Academy + A1 Revenue Accelerator x Fx Accelerator by Mr.Opulent & TobiasA1 Revenue - The A1 Media Buying Academy + A1 Revenue Accelerator x Fx Accelerator by Mr.Opulent & Tobias

The A1 Media Buying Academy
100+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (24+ hours)
The VIP Programme is a suite of 6 detailed, tried & tested media buying programmes that focuses on helping you buy media successfully with multiple traffic networks & niches. Mr.Opulent has eloquently detailed and structured the A1 Revenue VIP programme to give you his most ninja secrets in lessons & practical case studies that you can swipe and deploy for yourself.
12 Months Free Access To Test Easily
As a bonus you’ll receive FREE access to Test Easily’s Professional plan (Regular price = $179 Per Month) which will be the ONLY testing and tracking system you’ll ever need for all of your marketing campaigns.
Total Value - $1,074
Enterprise Support With Test Easily
As a bonus you’ll receive enterprise support with Test Easily. This will ensure that your support messages are always prioritised and you’ll have a dedicated support team by your side to help answer any technical questions for you!
Total Value - $997
Access To A1 Revenue’s CPA Network
You’ll get access to A1 Revenue’s private affiliate network & you’ll be assigned an affiliate manager who will help you run and analyse your data to ensure that you are running campaigns successfully!
Total Value - $997
Exclusive Members Only Offers
Get access to exclusive offers only open for ‘A1 Academy’ members to promote. These offers have been tried and tested, and we will also provide game plans with specific ways you can run these offers so you can see returns from them.
Total Value - $997
1-On-1 Account Manager With Concierge Level Support
Our account managers will help keep you accountable & advise you on what you need to do to see results fast!
Total Value - $1,997
Done For You Influencer Vault
You’ll be getting contact details of hundreds of high engagement Influencers that you can schedule IG shoutouts with! (All You Need To Scale With Instagram promo’s)
Total Value - $997
Monthly Live Calls With Tobias & Mr.Opulent
Sit down with us each month LIVE & have Mr.Opulent & Tobias spot check your work to make sure the conversions & commissions come in easily!
Total Value - $997
$10K Stimulus Grant Giveaway
The First 20 Students Will Become Part Of Our $10K Stimulus Grant Program Where We Will Give Each Of You $500 For FREE Added To Your Affiliate Network Account Immediately As Soon As You Enrol. You Can Use This For Ads, Software, Hiring Or Any Business Costs!
Total Value - $500
$10k In 10 Days Campaign Walkthrough
The First 20 Students Will Get A Behind The Scenes Case Study Showing The FULL Details & The Entire Campaign That We Used For The “$10k Profit In 10 Days Quarantine Challenge”
Total Value - $4,997
$10K Challenge Course Rebate
Once You’ve Made Your First $10,000 In Commissions We Will Refund Your Entire Course Investment Back To YOU! So Essentially It’s A Free Course That We Will Be Giving You Just For You To Do What You’re Meant To Do And Take Action!
Total Value - $9,997
Done For You Backend Client Support
You don’t have to worry about customer support and ongoing services to customers after they’ve signed up with your offer. All you need to do is acquire the customer and we do the rest allowing you to focus on scaling.
No additional work needed after you convert the customer.
Total Value - $1,500
Private Telegram Group With Over $10,000 In Prizes Giveaways Each & Every Single Month!
You’ll get access to our private closed door accelerator telegram group where each month we will be hosting members only competitions & exclusive offers to make sure you never lose momentum & get rewarded for your efforts!
You will also receive campaign updates directly from Mr.Opulent & Tobias in this private group.
Total Value - $997
FREE A1 Revenue T-shirt
We will send you a free complimentary “Make Money Not Excuses” T-Shirt to welcome you to the A1 family!
Total Value - PRICELESS
Course Summary
The A1 Accelerator & Forex Accelerator Are designed to be fast track programs with the sole goal of helping you get results with paid advertising & affiliate offers! Mr.Opulent & Tobias will be walking you through exactly how to start your journey as a beginner & create a lucrative performance marketing business.
The Forex Accelerator
The Forex Accelerator Provides You With Every Resource You Need To Start Out As A Brand New Affiliate And Scale Forex Campaigns Using Social Media. If You’ve Ever Wondered How So Many Forex Affiliates Are Able Set Up & Scale 7 Figure Businesses Using Just Social Media, Look No Further, Tobias Provides You With Everything You Need To Do Just That, Right Here In This Course.
A1 Revenue - The A1 Media Buying Academy + A1 Revenue Accelerator x Fx Accelerator by Mr.Opulent & Tobias


‘Types Of Influencers’

Part One

‘Part 1 - Creating a Social Media Lead Generation Machine’

- Module 1: Purchasing an account Vs Starting from scratch/Buying Followers

- Module 2: Finding, Partnering & Developing a Content Strategy with A Content Creator
- Module 3: Building up the account - VA or Software
- Module 4: The Checklist - Captions, Hashtags, Highlights, Username, Bio, WhatsApp Api Link
- Module 5: Posting Frequency to Maximise Conversions
- Module 6: Creating Engaging Promotional Content
- Module 7: Creating Advertising Content - Page Posts + Story Posts

Part Two

‘Collecting Data, Forming Influencer Partnerships & Running Campaigns’

- Module 8: Creating a Criteria Congruent to Your IG Page - What We’re Looking For

- Module 9: Using Engagement Rates to Assess an Influencer Page
- Module 10: Using a VA to build Influencer Data Lists Based on Your Criteria
- Module 11: Types of Influencer Deals
- Module 12: Contacting Influencers & Negotiating Partnerships
- Module 13: Celebrities Vs Meme Pages
- Module 14: How to Predict the Potential Success of An Influencer

Part Three

‘The Conversion Process, Building A Sales Team & The Power of Follow-Up’

- Module 15: Welcoming Your New Followers

- Module 16: Understanding the pitch and how to close a lead
- Module 17: Response Time & 14 Day Follow-Up Sequence
- Module 18: Replacing yourself with a Sales Person - Training videos, scripts

Part Four

‘Scaling Your Operation & Growth Hacker Marketing Strategies’

- Module 19: Creating New Social Media Machines - Country Specific

- Module 20: Growth Hacker Marketing - Exchanging Time for Commissions
T h e A 1 A c c e l e r a t o r
50+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (6+ hours)

Week one: ‘The Foundation’

- Keys to making money with performance marketing when you are starting for the first time

- How to start rapidly manifesting results with performance marketing
- How to start building and managing cashflow for long term sustainability
- Developing a million dollar daily routine for hyper-productivity & growing a business at scale
- How to raise finances for your business without needing good credit
- [Case study] How I Raised Over £50K Of Capital To Scale My Business When I Started Out

Week TWO: ‘Competitive Intelligence’

- How to pick the most profitable niche based on your experience

- How to spot and promote the best offers and products for epic conversions
- How to spy on your competitors and steal their most profitable marketing funnels
- How to pick the best type of offers suited for your budget so you can create cash cows
- How to reverse engineer your competitors & swipe their most profitable funnels & ads

Week THREE: ‘Funnels & Tracking’

- How to turn $1 of advertising into $2+ of revenue & print money with automated funnels

- How to warm cold prospects into warm ones utilising super affiliate style funnels

- How to replicate 7 of the most profitable marketing funnels that turns cold traffic into cash
- How to track the right way & have complete visibility over every element of your campaign
- How to set up tracking to view your campaigns performance when using mobile applications

Week FOUR: ‘Acquiring Traffic Profitably’

- Keys to advertising successfully online & turning a profit from your advertising

- How to turn losing campaigns into profitable ones with long term monetisation strategies
- How to create high converting compelling ads by utilising our 3 W’s framework
- How to develop million dollar angles for any product you advertise
- How to pick the right traffic source to advertise profitably with based on your experience
- How to get an unlimited amount of Facebook advertising accounts in virtually any country

Week FIVE: ‘Testing, Optimising & Scaling’

-How to use the traffic light bidding strategy to turn your losing elements into winners

-How to split test your ads for massive profits
-How to A|B test and multivariate test your landing pages for massive profits
- How to improve your conversion rate so you can start making more money right off the bat
- How to add extra ROI to your campaigns for FREE
- How to consistently grow your profits on your campaigns
- 1 million dollar scaling & rapid growth strategies
- How to grow a team that can run your business for you

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