9S: Skill & Style Course (Zhealtheducation)

9S: Skill & Style Course (Zhealtheducation) digital download.

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9S: Skill & Style Course (Zhealtheducation)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Zhealtheducation

Zhealtheducation - 9S: Skill & Style Course

Zhealtheducation - 9S: Skill & Style Course

This course is considered by many Z-Health professionals as one the most important courses in the entire curriculum because of its focus on becoming a more efficient coach through the discussion and practice of high-speed motor learning principles.

Included with your Purchase: Practical Intensive Webinar Series
After you complete your purchase of 9S: Skill & Style you will receive an invitation to sign up for the Practical Intensive Series. The series will consist of 2 interactive webinars over 3 weeks. The 9S: Skill & Style Practical Intensive Series begins September 9th!

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