7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters - Gary Bencivenga

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7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters - Gary Bencivenga

7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters - Gary Bencivenga

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Available on DVDs for the First and Only Time …

“Gary Bencivenga’s 7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters”

“I will never be able to share these seven secrets in
the Bullets, for reasons you’ll understand in a moment.

“But as my retirement legacy,
I will share all seven with you …
if you can meet the
four qualifications spelled out in this letter.”

  • Now available via DVDs and expanded, illustrated transcript for the first and only time—my never-to-be-repeated “Reveal-Everything-at-Once” Seminar.
  • Only 2,000 sets available.
  • Tightly restricted and limited distribution … you must be able to meet the four criteria spelled out below (no exceptions).
  • Reveals every secret I’ve ever learned about how to boost your advertising response and become independently wealthy as a copywriter or marketer.
  • Based on more than $1 billion and 40 years’ worth of scientific direct response tests.
  • Includes everything revealed at my one-time-only Retirement Seminar, hailed as “historic” … “phenomenal” … “life-changing” by industry leaders … plus much more material that’s been added to make this the ultimate “Master’s Program” on breakthrough marketing and copywriting.
  • Featuring scores of the greatest direct response ads of all time to illustrate every principle … plus “Gary Bencivenga’s Greatest Hits”—my all-time best ads, sales letters, magalogs, bookalogs, and more that you can use to guide your own marketing and copywriting.
  • Guaranteed to be worth 50 times its cost … or you pay nothing.
  • Free bonus if you respond now—”Da Bomb!” … probably the most powerful tool ever discovered for systematically boosting your response in every promotion you’ll ever run.
Dear Marketing Top Gun: I am looking for an elite group of men and women determined to be among the most successful and highest-earning copywriters and marketers in the world.I am retiring now and want to share with this select group of stars and future stars what I believe is a priceless legacy—my seven master secrets of wealth creation for copywriters and marketers.The truth is, I can never reveal these seven master secrets in the Bullets.Why not?

From the start, I promised to keep the Bullets short and fast, like bullets.

But teaching these seven master secrets takes more time.

For example, my #1 master strategy, The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation®, has eight parts. It takes about two hours to teach and another two hours to bring you to mastery.

Anyone can master this, and once you do, your ability to boost response on demand soars. You immediately take a giant leap forward in your ability to write copy with the hand of a master … and evaluate it with the eye of a jeweler.

But the unavoidable problem is, it does take four hours to acquire mastery of the eight steps and how to string them together, mainly because you must first unlearnseveral things you’ve been taught as gospel about how to generate maximum response.

You see, almost all copywriters and marketers today are using the same old-fashioned techniques. But the world has changed, and the consumers you’re trying to influence have grown increasingly immune to these conventional headlines and approaches. In today’s overmarketed, overhyped world, the “same old” techniques for generating response may occasionally work, but not nearly as well as they used to. This is why most direct marketers are seeing their response rates decline every year. And this will inevitably continue, as consumers grow increasingly immune to an ever-rising flood of these same tired, overworked approaches. You need something new that works better.

And that is why the advanced secrets I teach are so much more effective. They show you how to clearly and dramatically stand out from the clutter and trigger maximum response in any medium, for any product or service.

Record-Shattering Ads to Serve as Your Examples

The other reason I’ll never teach these secrets in the Bullets is because they require lots of real-life examples of the advertisements that are shattering response records in every field in which they’ve been applied.

The other reason I’ll never teach these secrets in the Bullets is because they require lots of real-life examples of the advertisements that are shattering response records in every field in which they’ve been applied.

All this takes a seminar to deliver … the very seminar that I have called my one-time-only, “Reveal-Everything-at-Once Retirement Seminar,” which I gave recently to 100 of the world’s top copywriters and marketers.

This treasure trove of knowledge is based on more than $1 billion and 40 years’ worth of scientific advertising tests. It’s nothing less than my legacy to the most ambitious and dedicated men and women in direct marketing today.

When I gave this seminar training live, I promised the 100 attendees that I’d create a free set of DVDs for them. To my embarrassment, it took me many more months than I ever imagined to produce them, mainly because I wanted to enhance the program by including a deluxe illustrated transcript featuring scores of ads and visuals as well as additional response-boosting information—everything I could possibly teach about how to improve your advertising results.

Finally it’s all done. And, in addition to the 100 sets I’ve produced for the seminar attendees, I’ve run off an additional 2,000 sets of both the DVDs and illustrated transcript. These are theonly 2,000 sets that will ever be available anywhere at any price, and after these 2,000 sets are gone, they will be gone forever.

But please don’t feel pressured into buying immediately just because only 2,000 sets will ever be made available. Candidly, this supply will last for at least several years. That’s because I am not looking to trigger a fast wave of mass “panic buying” from lots of people, which would inevitably include many less-than-qualified candidates.

My aim—expressed in the value, scope, and extraordinary content of this DVD course—is just the reverse. And that is to restrict distribution to a tiny slice of the copywriting and direct marketing community—exclusively the most ambitious stars and future stars who are hell-bent on being among the richest, most in-demand, most consistently successful Top-Guns on the planet. And that, by definition, is a very small, elite universe.

The only reason to act now—and this is important—is so that you can start putting these breakthrough wealth-building, career-advancing copywriting and marketing techniques to work immediately, allowing you to experience complete financial security and independence much sooner than you could ever achieve otherwise.

No matter what, you must meet four rigorous criteria to qualify—no exceptions.

More about that later. First let me tell you about the DVD course itself…

But You Must First Qualify . . . .

If you qualify to receive this training and agree not to share it, as I’ll explain below, I will guarantee you an effortless learning experience that you will look back on as a turning point in your life, when your knowledge of your craft comes together as never before … when you see a new universe of opportunity with a new, inner vision … when your ability to convert your marketing knowledge into major wealth takes a quantum leap … when you know in your heart that your future financial independence is secure because of the life-changing knowledge you have just acquired.

So settle back for a few minutes and read my rather thorough explanation of what is so different about what I teach … and the difference it will make in your own success.

Master Secret #1: The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation®— The Never-Before-Published Formula Based on More Than $1 Billion Worth of Scientific Testing

Just about 40 years ago, I broke into direct marketing working with two Hall of Fame legends, John Caples at BBDO and, later, David Ogilvy at Ogilvy & Mather.

With these two masters as my guiding lights, and others in the decades since, I have never escaped the direct marketing copy department.

As a result, for 40 years, I have written and methodically supervised well over $1 billion worth of scientific direct marketing for many of the smartest and most successful direct marketers in America. And even though I am retiring now, I still stay in touch and share advice with these top marketers, always keeping a weather eye on their latest test results.

This $1 billion+ worth of testing has revealed, clear as day, eight critical factors so influential, I call them the eight overwhelmingly dominant factors of generating maximum response.

Master Secret #2: The “Make-It-Easy” Approach to Breakthrough Marketing

I don’t believe in hard. Nobody sticks with hard very long. I believe that those who’ve achieved incredibly difficult feats, such as Lance Armstrong, have found ways to make the extremely difficult a lot easier. And that separates them from—and allows them to outperform—those who never find ways to make the difficult easier.

Do you ever find marketing and copywriting hard? If so, you’re not alone. Marketing can be a brutally tough way to earn your living, if you don’t know a few simple secrets of how to make it much easier.

Believe me, I know. For roughly the first 10 or 11 years in this business, I found copywriting and marketing not just hard, but agonizingly, tortuously difficult. Sometimes my frustration made me depressed and brought me close to tears.

This is exactly what happened with my staff. With just one regular weekly class of training in this method, every single writer in our copy department was soon belting home runs …

  • They often crushed by 50 percent, 75 percent, sometimes even 100-200 percent or more the former control packages of our new clients. Most of these clients had been in direct marketing for years and were astonished at the results our approach yielded, usually on our first try.
  • Once instructed, my young tigers were also able to dramatically boost response rates and rejuvenate long-running control packages and space ads for our existing clients.
  • Likewise, they were able to get fledgling entrepreneurs off to a flying start, launching new products so successfully that, in a few cases, these entrepreneurs went on to build direct marketing empires that made them fabulously wealthy.

For Example, in the DVDs and Expanded Transcript
of The Bencivenga Seminar, I Teach You . . .

  • The #1 easiest way to get a 50 to 100 percent boost in your results immediately.
  • The easiest way to persuade your best prospects to desire your product intensely—so much so that they’ll never truly feel satisfied with anyone else’s similar product.
  • The easiest way to beat out even the most ferocious competition in your marketplace, even when their marketing is brilliant, their budget huge, and their copy so persuasive, it could have been written by Claude Hopkins himself.
  • The easiest way to control the process of persuasion rather than merely guess at it. You’ll learn that persuasion, like music, comes down to a few simple notes. Master them, and you can play an infinite variety of melodies that are music to your prospects’ ears.
  • The easiest way to apply the secrets of Warren Buffett, America’s smartest investor, to the process of marketing and wind up far richer. Very few marketers have ever thought of this.
  • Where virtually all of your competitors’ ads are weakest, and the easiest way to exploit this near-universal vulnerability to your great advantage.
  • The easiest way to come up with powerful premiums to help sell a main product. (So effective, you’ll find that prospects will often buy your main product just to get your free premium.)
  • One of the easiest (and smartest) things I’ve ever done in my life that dramatically improved my ability to turn out control ads at will.
  • The easiest way to beat—indeed, forever banish—procrastination, perhaps the #1 occupational hazard of copywriters and marketers with too many projects on their plates.
  • A simple technique that will let you gauge, with almost mathematical precision, how your ad is going to perform when it hits the marketplace. And you can do this completely on your own, without any focus group, survey, or any other means. It is something you can do in five minutes at your desk all by yourself—anywhere, anytime—and know instantly how your headline or entire ad is going to perform.
  • And finally, the easiest way to be a master of persuasion—the simple, 12-word sentence that will make you one of the most persuasive people on the planet, no matter what field you’re in. This is the “master secret” of perhaps the most persuasive man of the 20th century (and an adviser to six presidents). You’ll see how to apply his 12-word secret of persuasion to marketing … and greatly increase your response on any project.

Master Secret #3: “The Blockbuster New Product” Secret

As you can see, I have tried through my whole career to take what’s difficult about marketing, break it down, and make it a lot easier.

Now, one of the most difficult challenges in marketing, perhaps the hardest but also the most financially rewarding, is launching a successful new product.

Some experts say that, on average, only one out of seven new products succeeds. So the odds are normally overwhelmingly against you. But if you beat those odds, you can experience the marketing equivalent of hitting the lottery.

I have found a way to dramatically increase your odds of success in launching new products that can make you or your company much wealthier.

This astonishingly effective, easy-to-use, and truly secret strategy is different from anything ever written in direct marketing. Until this seminar, this strategy has never been revealed publicly anywhere on the planet or published in any book. And everyone at the seminar—as with all the information I shared—was sworn to secrecy never to publicize it.

With this one strategy:

  • You will raise the odds of a blockbuster success severalfold. With any new product, you can never be guaranteed success, but this strategy raises your odds to the max.
  • You will dissolve price resistance and may even be able to double or even triple your original price point because your product will create such white-hot demand from the core of your market.
  • You will create intense desire for your new product and yours alone. In other words, once you introduce your product this way, your market will never again be satisfied with your competitors’ products. Buyers will seek your product out specifically, demanding exactly the unique features you described in your advertising.
  • You can easily lock in many years of repeat business from these same customers—converting their loyalty into self-renewing rivers of revenue that enrich you for decades. Your loyal customers will become the best annuity and “retirement plan” you’ll ever have.
  • Not only will you likely achieve a blockbuster success, but once you do, your new product will be relatively immune to knockoffs.

Master Secret #4: “Wealth Is an Income Stream”

Speaking of building wealth with new products …

What’s the easiest and surest way to get rich in our business, as either a marketer or a copywriter?

Commit these five words to memory:“Wealth is an income stream.”

This applies to both marketers and copywriters. Let me start with marketers.

The smartest marketers I’ve ever worked with—Tom Phillips (Phillips Publishing) … Marty Edelston and Brian Kurtz (Boardroom) … Allie Ash and Walter Pearce (KCI) … among many others—all know and practice this principle. If you’re not applying it yourself to build your wealth, you should write it on your palm with a permanent red-ink marker and read it daily: Wealth is an income stream.

And That Certainly Includes Copywriters!

If you’re a copywriter, how can you apply the “Wealth is an income stream”principle to build your own wealth?

If You’re a Copywriter, Hear Me Out! You’ll Never Get Rich on Flat Fees!

If you’re a copywriter, no matter what your present compensation arrangement may be, please heed my words: You’ll never get rich on flat fees! You must find a way to share in the wealth you create for your clients, or you may reach your own golden years with much less gold in your pocket and a nagging regret that you helped make others much richer, but never yourself.

Master Secret #5: “The Cracker Jack Secret”

Over the last 12 years, this one secret has made more money for my clients and me than anything in all the best advertising books put together. It works for any product or service and is the most potent factor behind the biggest direct marketing creative breakthroughs of the past 50 years, but especially of the last 12 years, as the tsunami of clutter has swamped our prospects’ lives. And it works even better online.

Are you beginning to see that one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make in marketing is to fail to put a valuable surprise inside every marketing piece you send out … and let your prospects know there’s a valuable surprise inside?

If you start applying the psychology of “The Cracker Jack Secret,” as I show you in the DVD course, your improvement in results will blow you away. You will make your envelopes and email almost irresistible to open. Just as with the Cracker Jack box, many of your prospects won’t be able to throw your mail away, because they’ve first got to find that little surprise gift inside.

And I don’t mean a gimmicky plastic trinket. The surprise you include in your direct mail package, space ad, or email can be anything your market values, especially a highly prized piece of information … and especially something that demonstrates what you’re selling and why it is so desirable.

What have tens of millions of dollars’ worth of our tests shown about the best way to harness this powerhouse secret? I reveal all in the DVD course.

In the seminar DVDs and expanded transcript, you’ll also discover …

  • How I converted my flat-fee clients into fee-plus-royalties clients.
  • Whether or not you should have a contract or a letter of agreement with your clients before you agree to work on royalties.
  • The most important advice a great attorney once gave me about who to trust and who to not trust when you’re to be paid via royalties. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and wasted effort as well as a great deal of heartache in avoiding those people who are destined to cheat you if you go into a royalty agreement with them.
  • Should you have lawyers—both yours and your client’s—negotiate your contract? Or might these “dueling pit bulls” often cause more ill will and blown deals than their possible “protection” is worth?
  • The best defense against being cheated in a performance-based agreement is to do this …
  • Compensation deals you should walk away from … and why.
  • Perhaps the greatest marketing model ever created for marketing your product and generating an endless river of revenue from it.
  • My proven checklist of ways that marketers, copywriters, and designers can make a lot more money.
  • Why you must start compounding your wealth now …and not put it off to the future. You’ll see why, no matter what you’re making, at least 10 percent of your gross annual income must be yours to salt away before you pay any bills or spend it. Anyone can and should save at least 10 percent of gross income. Pay yourself first … and you’ll discover to your delight that every dollar you save now will in time give birth (through the power of compounding) to lots of new “baby dollars.” And then, like a proud grandparent, you’ll happily watch those dollars spawn lots more “baby dollars” and so on—countless generations of new dollars to be born within your lifetime once you get this doubling-and-redoubling process started.In other words, every $1,000 or $10,000 you save now will double, then double again, then double again, and keep on doubling—if you start now and give the process enough time to work its magic. Compound interest is such a mighty force in building wealth that Albert Einstein once called it “the eighth wonder of the world.” I show how and why every copywriter and marketer needs to start doing it immediately—and automatically (don’t even think twice about it!)—to retire much richer.

Lots More Secrets of Salesmanship in Advertising …from America’s Superstars of Selling

Once you know how to use “The Cracker Jack Secret” to stand out from the clutter, bypass the “automatic rejection response,” and capture your prospect’s attention and interest, I show you lots of other techniques of brilliant salesmanship for converting that interest into powerful desire to buy your product or service. For example …

  • The Secret of the Wise Old Salesman. This wise old salesman was one of Merrill Lynch’s most successful and richest stockbrokers. He had a simple technique he used to “bag the elephant,” i.e., attract very wealthy accounts. The best part is, anyone can use this strategy and it works extremely effectively online.
  • The five universal objections to every sale and how to counter each.These five most common objections are the five “exits” through which most of your prospects are escaping right now. By anticipating them in your sales pitch, you effectively seal off these five escape routes and dramatically raise your closing ratio.
  • A formula for persuasion that is so powerful, you can merely “fill in the blanks” and easily come up with blockbuster ad after blockbuster ad.For example, you’ll see my simple formula for making price resistance melt like a cup of ice cream left in the summer sun.Hint: A great salesman once told me that price is a funny thing. When a qualified prospect says, “It’s too expensive,” what he or she is really saying is this…
  • The best way to overcome a “killer” objection that people may raise with your product or service.

Master Secret #6: “How to Be a Master Closer”

“Copywriters’ heaven…”

“I once heard a theory that every time you learn something new, you get a new wrinkle in your brain. If that is true, then my brain after this seminar is a wrinkled, prunelike mass, crammed with new ideas that beg to be put into practice the first thing Monday morning!”This seminar is truly a ‘copywriters’ heaven.’ Thanks a million, Gary!”

On Wall Street … or on Madison Avenue … or in direct marketing circles, if you know how to sell, and especially how to close, you are golden.

In good times, when companies are flush, you will be showered with money, perks, and trinkets. In some Wall Street firms, for example, year-end bonuses for top salespeople run into the tens of millions of dollars.

In hard times, if you know how to sell, when layoffs force others to hit the cold pavement, you will be coddled and protected—because you have the most highly prized skill in the business universe, the ability to sell, to generate cash flow, the lifeblood of any business.

Among all salespeople, no one is held in higher esteem than the stars known as closers. Calling you a “closer” is the highest accolade your admiring colleagues can pay you. It means that no matter what your prospects may throw at you in a presentation, you know how to roll with the punches and bring home the order a high percentage of the time. When stakes are highest and a company must win an account, they send in their star closer.

Master Secret #7: “The Manifestation Secret”

This is the final and most important part of the entire DVD course. That’s because there are certain secrets that greatly empower your success in all walks of life, including marketing. Chief among these is the ability to manifest your desires.

Everything in the universe is governed by laws, and this is true of how to harness your own mind to manifest almost whatever you want, including outrageous success in your marketing and copywriting.

This is so important because every great achievement in life—whether a magnificent bridge, a towering skyscraper, the attainment of your own financial independence, or the launch of a blockbuster product—all have one thing in common. They all begin in the mind.

When you fully understand this, and how to harness your mind’s phenomenal power to manifest your dreams, your life will change in positive ways you cannot even imagine.

For one, you will realize that you possess a power similar to that of the pilot who sits comfortably at the controls of a mighty jet airplane. Once you know how to “use your controls” in smarter, effortless ways, you can experience a whole new level of propulsion to get wherever you want to go in life.

I’ve lived a blessed life. I’ve worked with many clients who’ve remained my business partners and friends for decades, and we’ve spawned tremendously successful businesses. My clients, my family members, and my friends have sometimes commented on how “lucky” I seem to be, how often circumstances seem to break my way to make our joint ventures successful. Some even consider me their lucky charm.

All Key Principles Illustrated by Breakthrough Control Ads

To bring everything I’ve described in this long letter vividly to life, each secret is illustrated by examples of my own work (most of it available nowhere else) and from a wide array of the most successful control ads and direct mail packages of all time.

Just a few examples:

  • One of the most powerful ads in the history of direct response advertising. It beat all other tests created by top copywriters over a 40-year span, a feat unmatched even to this day. How you can apply its secrets to boosting your response. Remarkably, this ad’s headline and the psychology it harnesses are as powerful today as ever and can be used by any advertiser. (Not long ago, I recycled it to convert a mediocre ad for a mail order book into an instant best seller.)
  • The letter that changed my life and raised me from mediocrity to success in direct response copywriting.
  • The best ad I have ever written to attract new business for an ad agency or copywriter.
  • The great marketing secret you can learn from Tom Monaghan, the college student who created Domino’s Pizza and became one of the richest men in the world. His success was founded on one simple marketing principle. Based on this secret, Monaghan’s advertising was so successful, that Domino’s went on to capture, on average, 25 to 30 percent of the market share of all pizza sold in the 50 major metropolitan markets in the United States.
  • The advertising strategy recommended above all others by Claude Hopkins (the Aristotle of advertising) and an ad campaign that powerfully illustrates this secret.
  • A headline I wrote 30 years ago that is still the control today. It can work for just about any product in any market.
  • The 25-word headline that sold more high-priced cruise trips than any other ad in history. It, too, uses a simple but remarkably powerful principle that any ad can harness to boost response. Works universally to build desire and increase response, because it’s built on a universal human trait.
  • The ad that took David Ogilvy 22 years to write. But once written, it propelled his ad agency into the stratosphere. The good news: Now that Ogilvy has provided this model, any business can use it as a template to explode its growth.
  • My direct mail package that beat Boardroom’s best by 133 percent.
  • How a happy accident created one of the most successful ads of all time. How you can methodically capture this “lightning in a bottle.”
  • An ad with a five-word headline, written by an amateur advertiser, that’s one of the greatest gems of persuasion in the history of copywriting. So successful, he reported that half the country seemed to respond to it.
  • My ad that broke all records for response for a financial newsletter publisher.
  • Other great ads that have it all—examples of powerful advertisements that combine many or all of the techniques presented at the seminar to generate awesome power and response. These are among the greatest direct response ads ever written.For example, you’ll see one ad that triggered these documented results, as quoted by the company’s advertising director:

“With these 130 words of copy, no more, no less, monthly sales, according to Wooten’s annual published reports, jumped from $50 million to $60 million, then to $100 million, then to $150 million, $200 million, and up and up and up … We are not only producing and selling at factory capacity, we are enlarging the plant to meet consumer demands.”

  • And Speaking of Designers . . .
  • How you can achieve increases in response of anywhere from 50 percent to 500 percent, purely on the basis of improved design elements alone.Here are the most powerful, scientifically proven direct response design secrets of all time, based on hundreds of split-run tests.
  • Why designers should “draw with their heads, not with their hands!”This little gem of advice explains why so much design in advertising looks so boringly similar.
  • How a typesetting accident resulted in an 86 percent boost in response.
  • How type and layout can increase readership and response by several hundred percent.
  • Commonly used design elements that kill response, making your copy less readable and driving readers away in droves.
  • The right way to write and design magalogs, bookalogs, ezines, issue-logs, and other direct mail formats for maximum response.
  • The secret “ABA Rule” that automatically gives your direct response advertising a higher readership and response.
  • Surprise finding—why killer bullets on your outer envelope or cover of your magalog may be depressing your response. Be sure you read this warning before you put another bullet or teaser on your outer envelope or magalog.
  • Why you must never force your readers’ eyes to fight against “reading gravity.” What this means and the many hard-and-fast rules that flow from this principle if you want highest response in your advertising.
  • David Ogilvy’s classic formula for designing an ad.
  • Did you know that photos always outpull illustrations, because photos have more realism and credibility? And to have your photos be exceptionally effective in boosting response, be sure to do this.
  • The unforgivable mortal sin that even good direct response designers frequently commit in coupons and order forms. Avoid this “hidden disaster” at all costs.
  • Why brochures, even when done well, will often depress your response.Why you are often better off without a brochure.
  • Easiest way to get a 500 percent increase in your advertising’s readership. In David Ogilvy’s tests, he found you can easily get a 500 percent increase in readership of your ad just by doing this. Anyone can do it, in any market, and it costs not one cent extra when you advertise!
  • “Gary’s Greatest Hits.” You’ll also receive complete copies of my most successful advertisements. Every one exemplifies how to execute the principles embodied in The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation®.

The Legacy I Want to Leave …
and What It Can Mean to You …

Even by my standards, this has been a long letter. So let’s wrap up …

As I’ve said, I want to leave a special legacy to those motivated to be stars in our business, just as I have been motivated my whole career to be the best I can be, to live a large life instead of a small one, to create insatiable demand for my services, to sell with integrity, to achieve my dreams of financial security, and to build an excellent reputation to be proud of.

I have succeeded in these goals and would like to show you how to do the same.

I want to leave a legacy and, in a way, I’d love you to be part of it. Here’s what I mean …

My goal is to have it known throughout the direct response industry—today, in six months, in five years, in 10 years, and perhaps even in 50 years—that those who have taken The Bencivenga DVD Course training consistently rank among the most respected and successful masters of the marketing world.

Should you take this training, I want to have you be recognized as someone who possesses these state-of-the-art selling techniques and is conversant with their use … that you inspire well-founded confidence in direct marketers who will be more inclined to hire you because you know what they want you to know … that you understand, for example, the critical elements of The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation® and how to manipulate each to trigger maximum response … that you know what is meant when major players talk about Proof Element Marketing® and the secrets of making it work … that you know how a “Crit System” works and are comfortable with it … that you know the advanced fine points of marketing, copywriting, and design that this program teaches.