4 CD Course by VectorVest (Options Course)

4 CD Course by VectorVest (Options Course) digital download.

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4 CD Course by VectorVest (Options Course)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Options Course

Options Course - 4 CD Course by VectorVest

Options Course - 4 CD Course by VectorVest

Product Description

Want to increase your portfolio’s profit potential and reduce risk? Turn your IRA account into a money machine? Make 30% a year on stocks having little price movement? Learn how to use stock options.

Learn options from the ground up.
This course begins with a thorough introduction to options terminology, characteristics and pricing. The six basic Building Blocks of equity and options trading are presented in detail. Each application is illustrated with a P&L Analysis, Case Study and appropriate VectorVest applications.

This set of four CDs captures the entire VectorVest two-day Options Course. Nothing is left out. It comes with a student workbook and will provide the most lucid, best organized and informative source of options training you will ever get. It’s a bargain at only $995.00.

Over Nine full hours of training
A course workbook, featuring an outline of all main points covered during each presentation.
Disc 1: Begins with an introduction to option pricing and buying long and short.
Disc 2: Moves into more advanced trading such as synthetics, collars, fences and vertical spreads.
Disc 3: Covers calendar, diagonal and ratio spreads as well as straddles and strangles.
Disc 4: Closes with Butterflies, condors, iron butterflies/condors, leaps and a final summary.

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