12 Minute Stage Crazy - Body of a Rock Star

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12 Minute Stage Crazy - Body of a Rock Star. Download unlimited when you buy 12 Minute Stage Crazy - Body of a Rock Star Course at sunlurn. The market lead...
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12 Minute Stage Crazy - Body of a Rock Star12 Minute Stage Crazy - Body of a Rock Star

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30 seconds each move (increase to 0:45 - 1:00 if time/energy allow)
3 Rounds
If needed, switch to one of the modifications to 
complete the interval, then move on to the next move.

  1. Single Leg Split Squats (0:30 each leg)
  • Position your right leg behind you on a box, bench, stair, couch or any elevated surface.
  • Keep your core engaged and chest lifted as you squat and press up through your heel each time.
  • Watch your knee alignment, it should be lined up with your front toe, and if your torso is upright you’ll be able to keep it just over or slightly behind your big toe. Be sure to do both legs.
  • Mod: To make it easier to balance and master this move, you can reduce your range of motion by using a lower box or an elevated surface for your foot. You can also hold onto your workout buddy or a wall to help you keep balance. You can also do this with no box or elevation at all and do pulsing lunges in place.
  1. Side Crunch Step Ups (0:30 each side)
  • Stand with feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.
  • Squat down, engaging your core as you shoot your booty back behind you as though you were going to sit on a chair - keeping the weight in your heels and chest up.
  • Step up laterally on your right/left foot, pressing through the heel as you lift your opposite leg to bring your elbow to knee and crunch.
  • Step down with control and repeat.
  • Mod: If you don’t have a step or bench or are working on your balance and strength, just take out the step up and do side squat to side crunch without the elevation.
  1. Triceps Dips (0:30)
  • Come into reverse tabletop facing away from your box or raised surface, with your hands behind you on the box.
  • Keep your chest open and your elbows parallel to each other as you lower down and press up.
  • Keep your knees bent, and engage between your shoulders to help keep your chest open and not put too much pressure on your shoulders.
  • Mod: Take a standing or kneeling position holding a water bottle or weight overhead. Lower and lift it toward your back, keeping your elbows in parallel to each other and your chest open. Don’t let your back arch.
  1. Lunge Jumps or Forward Lunges (0:30)
  • Position yourself in a forward lunge, with your knees lined up with your toes, chest up, core engaged.
  • Jump into the air, landing in a forward lunge with the opposite leg leading. Land lightly, and use your arms to propel you.
  • Mod: You can take the jump out if you would like a lower impact version, and do alternating forward lunges. Always feel free to hold onto the wall or a chair back to stabilize you in these single leg moves!
  1. Push Ups
  • Place your hands flat against the surface of your choosing and extend your legs out.
  • Perform a push-up by lowering yourself to meet the surface and pushing back up - keep your core engaged the whole time and neck neutral.
  • BONUS MOVE: If you’re working out with a partner add in a partner handclap/reach - makes it extra challenging and fun.
  • Mod: Come down into a kneeling position - spine and neck are in a neutral position and your core engaged, or do this on your toes with your upper body elevated on a chair or couch.