$10 House Profits Workshop DVD (Street Smart Investor)

$10 House Profits Workshop DVD (Street Smart Investor) digital download.

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$10 House Profits Workshop DVD (Street Smart Investor)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Street Smart Investor

Street Smart Investor - $10 House Profits Workshop DVD

Street Smart Investor - $10 House Profits Workshop DVD

You may have heard of what I call $10 Houses.

You may know them as ‘upside down’ (the mortgage is higher than the house value) or ‘ghost’ (vacant) or ‘abandoned’ houses.

You may know of one or more right now. What if you could purchase those and earn income for an extended period while doing a workout or settlement with the bank - while the bank continues to pay property taxes, insurance and HOA dues - wouldn’t that be great?

Many times people want to know if a house you are considering purchasing is a candidate for this possibility or not. First you’ll need some details before you can proceed.

Now available, this one day, one of a kind training event, $10 House Profits!, was professionally video taped and is now on DVD - complete with your own event manual and the Street Smart Land Trusts add-on Quiet Title Profits forms disk needed to implement the $10 House Profits! strategies!

This highly targeted specialized training focuses on the steps to take to find, validate, purchase and quickly monetize these ‘zombie’ properties. Help the old homeowner, help the neighborhood and the neighbors, and help renters/buyers too! All while making mega-bucks!

“Lou taught me the possibilities and guided me all along the way. One $10 House yielded over $720,000… another yielded over $216,000… with $936,000 net.”J. Weiller, CT

You see, banks haven’t foreclosed for a very good reason. Even though the borrower of the mortgage has stopped paying and even though the house is vacant, the bank is still being paid! Why would you want to stop that? They don’t - and for a long while you can benefit.

And there’s another important reason - they have foreclosed on millions of homeowners without the appropriate right to do so. Bad paperwork is a real thing and this is only known to a very few people. According to the Bible “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

“I’ve been in my $600,000 house for nine years - no payments. I’m still there. Once you learn the secrets to the game you can win for a long time.”Name Withheld, Atlanta, GA

Here’s the steps covered:

Step 1 - Marketing to Find Possible Properties - Find the houses

Step 2 - Initial Call and Research - Find the opportunity, then find the bad paper

Step 3 - Initial Meeting - What to say and how to say it to the seller

Step 4 - The Contract - The words on paper are very important

Step 5 - The Closing - The documents needed - and how to fill them out

Step 6 - Lawsuits to Stall Foreclosure Proceedings - What we have seen work

Step 7 - Filling the Property for Cash Flow - Getting the right tenant and what to say

“When I opened the mail and saw the fully recorded ‘Satisfaction of Mortgage’ you could have knocked me over with a feather. I never believed they would just give it to me.”AC - Tampa, FL

For a long time I’ve shared experts that I’ve learned from who provided the back end legal maneuvers and strategies. People have begged me to teach the front end and the monetizing end. Finally I agreed to do this advance training for those that would love to add some free cash flow to their portfolio.

“I tried this out on one house to see if it would work. I went from paying over $1,400 per month to zero while collecting $1,500 per month - for over five years!”Lou Brown, Tucker, GA

Yes, there are things to know and there seem to be plenty of properties to purchase.

Join me now on DVD as I share this amazing opportunity. Some have made this the focus of their business and some want the information so that when they get a lead that matches the $10 house strategy they’ll know what to do. This was a brand new training event and I don’t know if I’ll ever do it live again.

Available for a limited time… only $1,997… if you have attended any of the other $10 Houses type training provided through Street Smart® call 1-800-578-8580 for an additional discount. This information is not included in the Total Package or any other system you may have previously purchased.

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