Tyler Durden's Hot Seat @Home Mastermind Edition

Tyler Durden's Hot Seat @Home Mastermind Edition. BONUS #1:1-TIME PASS TO WINTER SUMMIT (LIVE! ) Join the ENTIRE RSD Crew for a Week of Seminar, Mayhem, and Gam...
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Tyler Durden's Hot Seat @Home Mastermind Edition

Tyler Durden's Hot Seat @Home Mastermind Edition

Join the ENTIRE RSD Crew for a Week of Seminar, Mayhem, and Game in Vegas or Miami!

Join RSD Luke and the Crew in Las Vegas for an Adrenaline Spiking Day & Night of Personalized Pick Up Coaching, Insane Night Clubs, Strippers, Stunners, and General Insanity!

Get The Same-Tier of RSD Founder’s Club to Match Your Tier of Hot Seat at Home Mastermind!

Private Vault of 100 Pages of Tyler’s Best Writings, Field Reports and Mind-Expanding Takeaways

If you’ve been…

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Frustrated from going out night after night, only to find yourself walking home alone at the end of the night…
Struggling to create a positive framework in your life, because every time you try – something knocks you back down…
Confused about what to do when you are around a beautiful woman, what to say, or how to say it…
Fed up with constant negativity and a feeling of ‘not enough’ that seems to follow you no matter where you go, or what you do…
Finding yourself staring in the mirror, and wondering when life was going to change, when it was going to get better, when it was finally going to get good…

If you are reading this, and any of that applies to you –
How to Never Have a Bad Night Out

No matter how bad your night starts out, you will learn how to walk away with a gorgeous girl every single time.
Uncover the root behaviors and mindsets that fester and manifest into a bad night so you can ERADICATE them from YOUR EXISTENCE!
Learn how to systematically climb to the top of your own reality, ensuring that you are immune to all negative influences, and are at the cause of your environment.

How to Develop Rock-Solid Inner Game

Get your inner game on-track FOR LIFE and peel away the useless societal programming that’s holding you back.
Vaporize your Limiting Beliefs and SMASH through the self constructed walls of doubt that have trapped you in for YEARS!
Develop unshakeable confidence, inner peace, and trust in your authentic self – allowing your inner light to SHINE THROUGH.

How to Talk and Talk

Develop the “million dollar mouthpiece”, an invaluable tool in any PUA toolbelt, and master the ability to PULL girls into YOUR WORLD!
Establish a refined expressiveness in your communication that will allow you to dominate any social situation in GAME, at work, or with friends.
Learn to free associate and come up with outlandish, off-the-wall, hysterical conversation topics that will have the girl you are into rolling with laughter.

How to Become a MAGNET of Positivity.

Have people GRAVITATE towards you as if you have a “magnet of awesome” strapped to your chest!
Create an aura of charisma that will draw people in, engage and amplify their best qualities, and make them want to be around you.
Make women feel as if you are the only man in the room. Women will find you unique, smashingly attractive, and will find ANY excuse to to ditch their friends and sneak over to your place.

How to Evolve Into Your ULTIMATE SELF

Get immediately download Tyler Durden's Hot Seat @Home Mastermind Edition

Drop the weight of your EGO and start SPRINTING towards your goals. You will feel energized, rejuvenated, and light on your feet.
Reach the peak of self actualization once you squash your limiting beliefs, let go of your emotional baggage, and firmly plant your feet on the road to success.
Learn the secrets that I discovered through decades of self development that will rocket launch your confidence and self-belief to another galaxy.

The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind Edition is designed to load you full of applicable knowledge, high-impact tools and techniques that are going to leave your mind sizzling.

The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind Edition delivers on every promise that we have ever made.

Not only that, but every strategy, tactic, and technique inside The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind has been tested and proven to work.

These ideas have already gotten world-class results for the select group of men that have taken the time to learn, internalize, and apply them.

Consider this:

For over a decade, we have taken men from the depths of crippling social anxiety and elevated them upwards into a world of strength, confidence, and attractiveness – allowing them to take control of their lives, and meet the types of women they only used to dream about.

And this…

We have dug deeper than ever before and uncovered lost truths which have been hidden from us for decades. With these foundational core principles at your disposal, you will be able to set yourself on a path for ultimate success.


We have trained thousands of students across every continent on planet Earth, encountered a wide range of problems, sticking points, and limiting beliefs… and yet every single time, without fail – we have gotten those students exceptional results.