Anodea Judith - The Character Type Training

Anodea Judith - The Character Type Training. Discover how to heal from your early family conditioning, reclaim your authentic self, and regain a sense of joy,...
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Anodea Judith - The Character Type Training

Anodea Judith - The Character Type Training

Discover how to heal from your early family conditioning, reclaim your authentic self, and regain a sense of joy, aliveness, and excitement about life.

Identify your dominant character type so you can understand and heal the underlying causes of your limiting thoughts and behaviors and liberate your natural gifts.


Are you still protecting the child you used to be?

Is your behavior still controlled by the defense mechanisms that helped you cope with childhood traumas, insecurities, and fears?

Even if you’ve worked through your issues in therapy and forgiven those who were the source of your pain, the  defenses that kept you safe all those years ago may be limiting your life todayin the form of self-defeating patterns in your body and mind.

These patterns, which originated as “psychological body armor” in your youth, become so deeply embedded in your body and psyche — and so intricately woven into your self-identity — that you likely don’t even realize their influence.

They are expressed in the way you think, speak, feel, and act — and they manifest physiologically, from the shape of your body to the neural pathways in your brain.

Your biography literally becomes your biology...

The good news is that you can discover how to break free of the self-imposed shackles of limited thoughts and behaviors even if you’re not yet consciously aware of them...

And the rewards of liberating yourself from your early conditioning are immense — understanding yourself and others much better... deepening your relationships... experiencing more vitality... opening up to new and exciting possibilities... finding greater happiness and fulfillment... appreciating the sacred stillness of inner peace... reclaiming your emotional, psychological, and physical health and wellbeing...

The first step is understanding the five basic character structures, which you’ll find at the intersection of your personality type, energy body, and chakra system...

The 5 Character Types

There are five primary character types or structures, first identified by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Although we might embody aspects of different character types, we tend to have one or two types that are dominant within us.

Each type, which can be represented by a bodily posture, emotional profile, and manner of showing up in the world, can be traced to a different age of wounding and requires a different skillset to navigate.

  • The Creative (Schizoid) — Formed in the first year of life when the child does not feel wanted, accepted, or loved by its mother, resulting in a feeling of ungroundedness, aversion to social activities, and the belief that the world is a hostile place. Schizoids want to play it safe and figure out everything ahead of time.

  • The Lover (Oral) — Formed when a child fails to receive satisfaction of its basic needs and nurturing, resulting in a neediness and dependence, or a hyper-focus on the needs of others. Orals are oriented to relationship, but often don’t have successful ones because they want too much, causing their partner to pull away. 

  • The Endurer (Masochist) — Formed when a child seeks to separate and create its own identity yet is blocked from doing so by controlling parents, resulting in a docile, compliant personality and a dull approach to life. Masochists just plod along and don’t know they can make a different choice. 

  • The Challenger (Psychopath) — Formed when a child feels betrayed and is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure no one takes advantage of them again. Psychopaths are oriented to power and may alienate people because they’re aggressive and dominating, and so feel like they’re all alone in life.

  • The Achiever (Rigid) — Formed when the child feels rejected by the parent of the opposite sex, resulting in the tendency to live in its head, protect its heart, and feel it must do everything perfect in order to receive the conditional love it craves from its parents. Rigids lose touch with their authentic self.

Gaining a solid understanding of the dynamics of these five character structures can provide important and valuable insights into the issues you’re dealing with as an adult. For example, this knowledge can help you:

  • See how a birth trauma can turn you into someone who lives in your head
  • Grasp how early abandonment might lead you to be overweight
  • See why living in outer compliance and inner defiance can undermine your ability to be spontaneous 
  • Comprehend why you might feel like no one is on your side when you are in a leadership role
  • Understand your partner better and relate to them in more positive, productive ways

Connecting the dots between your patterns from childhood and the issues you’re struggling with today can be the breakthrough you need to resolve and heal these underlying causes, strip away your limiting thoughts and behaviors, and finally  embody and express the true essence of who you are. 

Renowned bioenergetic therapist and chakra expert Anodea Judith has developed powerful and effective exercises to create awareness of these character structures — and to dissolve the corresponding blockages to move your energy from “pattern” back to “essence.” 

When you say “YES” to this healing journey, you’ll: 

  • Discover how to dismantle the “psychological body armor” you’ve worn for far too long
  • Finally be able to put your childhood traumas, insecurities, and fears to rest
  • Gain deep insights into who you are at your core — and how to express yourself more authentically
  • Know how to bring more intimacy and depth into your relationships
  • Overcome any resistance you have to experiencing new and exciting aspects of life
  • Understand how to disable the defense mechanisms that no longer serve you
  • Be well on your way to greater emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellness
  • Expand your capacity to communicate in a clear and compelling way
  • See a clear path for enjoying a  more grounded, successful, and fulfilling life
  • Have greater access to satisfying, deep, and flowing emotions 
  • Feel the ecstasy that comes from  fully opening your heart
  • Be more comfortable with yourself in the healing balm of silence
  • Gain increased clarity about your power and your purpose
  • Open to exploring  higher possibilities for your creativity
  • Welcome an expanded ability to attract and serve people through your business or work
  • Enjoy a deeper sense of  spiritual unity and fulfillment
  • Work with chakra energy and identify where “charge” is getting blocked in your energy system 
  • Understand why working with charge is essential for healing any trauma you may be carrying

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